Parallels Desktop Lite App Reviews

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pretty good but...

why do you need to pay for this app? I use this to livestream with Windows 10… but im young, and my mom buys everything, so i can’t play my Windows-only games without it! PLEASE make this free to use forever!

No chromium os option

hi i dont see any options to install chrome os , is there any option to do it manually ? i have only three options for os (fedora,centos,debian)

No DirectX 11 Support?!

By far, this is the best version of Parallels Desktop to suit my needs. There’s just one problem! DirectX 11 Support is missing, and without it, I can’t render 3D objects! PLEASE FIX IT!! Update: As of the knowledge left in the developer’s response, which clearly states that OpenGL Compute Shaders (that the new macOS doesn’t support) is required to develop DirectX 11 support for virtual environments, I am officially sticking this one in Apple’s face by deleting the app, and getting a refund. However, what Apple doesn’t know is because that this issue is their fault, they’ll be taking the penalty, and NOT Parallels International GmbH. This issue isn’t my fault, nor is it the fault of Parallels International GmbH! We shouldn’t have to pay for this fine!

Enjoy being able to run Linux for free

Linux is where I would rather go than Windows, so I appreciate being able to run Linux for free. I would rather not pay $60 a year for the privilege of having my activities being spied on and sold to advertisers, so I can’t rate that aspect of this application. This app runs Ubuntu 16.04 very well, even with the graphical desktop composition effects turned on, which is something VirtualBox has always struggled with.

Not worth it!

I downloaded this then realized that to run Windows they REQUIRE an annual subscription of $69. This should not be a subscription-based software! Oh well look like I'll be installing VMWare Fusion as it is a one-time fee! Developer - Read the reviews, your customers don't think this is worth it!!

Looks good, a few issues

Slick look, but there are a few issues. So far I noticed that Chrome does not work out-of-the-box on a Mac guest. (Needs hardware acceleration turned off.) Also takes a long time to support new MacOS versions for the guest OS.


Update: Hello, I am glad to say I gave this more of a shot and found that my previous post was overcritical, it’s a great app, I feel the lite version runs a little slow. However, similar to everyone elses post, this strikes me as an app which should be a one time pay instead of a subscription, especially when you could simply use disk utility to do what this offers. 60$ a month is not a good amount to expect for just the convenience of not reseting your computer and loading up windows.

Competitive Software for Linux Virtual Machines on MacOS

While I don’t believe this to be worth $60 a year for adding Windows capability, the free availability with Linux only is a great plus! I was a full Parallels supporter for quite awhile, but when I stopped using Windows all together, I just switched to using VirtualBox for my linux needs. After having issues with virtual box and how it deals with graphics on MacOS, I was pleased to find this software instead. It’s rarely talked about, and it’s powerful for Linux VMs on MacOS. It’s not perfect though. Parallel Tools has issues when installing on newer Linux Distrobutions and the majority of the distrobutions that you can download straight from the application are extremely outdated. If the developers could update the software to just pull downloads from the most recent images of the distrobutions that they advertise, it would make this app a 5/5!

$60/Year to run virtual machines

I thought this was going to be a great solution for a client who’s version of Parallels would not install due to High Sierra needing special permissions to load kernel extensions. Parallels Lite popped up in my hours of Googling and I felt great relief. And it’s free! Oh wait no it’s not. These guys want $60/year to run non-Linux Virtual Machines. Very sad to see more vendors move to a subscription model instead of just selling you the software once. Offer a one time price, we don’t want a subscription model!!! Especially when the "buy one time” version is coded where it will not install without special permissions for the KEXTs, but this one uses HyperVisor instead (read: coded to be properly compatible with macOS for the ideal user experience) and they hold you at a $60/year ransom to get the proper version.

Easy and simple to use...

but I wish they had an up to date version of Debian stable. And why is there a yearly subscription for installing windows? Subscription models aren't the way to go here! I'll pay up front (not an IAP) for the software but subscriptions I can't do. If I buy it, I want it to last as long as I have the software. Edit: thanks for your reply Parallels Developer, however I'm not interested in a subscription but a final one time payment.

Spent $60 dollars on this so I could play games on Steam

COULDN’T. Waste of time/money

Pretty good

I like the sandboxed nature of this App-store version of Parallels. I would like to see more frequent updates. For instance, there is currently not stated support for macOS High Sierra even though it runs fine on macOS High Sierra.

Failed to create a bootable disk image file for this vecrion of OS X.

Its not working on Hi Sierra.

Parallels Desktop Lite is not compatible with your Mac

Parallels Desktop Lite is not compatible with your Mac. Your Mac doesn’t meet the hardware requirements. message is displayed when installer is run. If it is not compatible with my mac, why does it show in my app store? Why does the app store allow me to download it? Why does the app store start the installation? My Mac info: Macbook Pro Mid 2009, 8 GB, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 I found the hardware requiremennts: To install and set up Parallels Desktop Lite, you need: Hardware: Late 2011 or newer Mac 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended) 850 MB of disk space on the boot volume (Macintosh HD) for Parallels Desktop installation Additional disk space for virtual machines (varies on operating system installed) Why are they missing in the app store page for this software?


I pay for it 60$ , 5 days ago but you didnt get to me access to parallel, and I sended to you 2 mail but you didnt answer to me why? what Do I DO? Where I contact ? wheeeereeee????

Works great

It is great to be able to run guest operating systems on my Mac. I haven’t run in to any problem issues in this version.

Good!But why i cant search this app in China?

My friend has Chinese AppleID and cant search this app.

Did not let me load download windows

DIdn’t let me download windows. Waste of my money. I want a refund.

Mous went crazy

I have similar problem like one of the review. After using Parallels Desktop Lite I feel like I have problems to controll mouse. Controlling mouse by using touchpad was the best thing my MAC had. I liked it so much that I never wanted to use real mouse. Now, after using Parallels it all chenged. I am starting to hate it. I can’t point mouse pointer as easy and precise as earlier. I need to try couple of times only to hit the x when closing tab in Safary, for example. Hopefully you will fix this soon.

Ubuntu 17.04

Hello) Thank you fo this great app. But what about Ubuntu 17.04? When the app will support it. I'm upgrade from 16.10 to 17.04 and everyting stop working(((

No option to access pre-installed bootcamp

It doesn’t appear the the Lite versiuon allows a user to access a bootcamp installation that is already installed on my MAC. That is fine but it would be extremely helpful to SAY THAT IN THE DESCRIPTION so I don’t have to waste my time checking your help menus, etc.

Not compatible

I think this would work great, but I wasn’t able to try it. Upon launching, I got a message saying my mac isn’t compatible. The hardware specifications aren’t listed here, and were difficult to find, but it turns out you need a 2011 or newer mac to run it, a bit of a disappointment.

loved it

made my life really easier, i can use OS and windows appropriately and effectively at the same time.

This is the best program for launch other OS!

I have used Parallels Desktop before I think that the most helpful program for macOS.

Best VM software I’ve used so far

First of all, I’m thrilled I can get this through the Mac App Store. I like having updates centralized and knowning that the applications are sandboxed and have to “play nice,” but I never really expected virtualization software to be available here. Parallels Desktop Lite runs my Linux VMs the fastest of any VM software I’ve used so far. The easy download and install function is great, and the default configurations are performant with relatively easy to understand machine settings. I primarily run it on a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro but my Linux VM even runs fairly well on my 2015 12” MacBook, which surprised me. Definitely recommend giving this one a go, especially if you are aiming to use a Linux distro as a guest OS (I have yet to try Windows, but I imagine it also performs well).


Like a charm! I installed Ubuntu 16.10 from iso and it installed perfectly and allowed me to perform linux testing of command line programs. I am particularly fond of the auto-suspend function; seems to wake up super fast.

This app fulfilled my dream

I aways been curious to test drive chrome os, and i always failed to install it on VM properly , what Prallels did, downloaded the image, installed the os and configured VM .. all i had to do is to sign in to Gmail , and play around… everything went seamless. Installing ubuntu was another seamless experince , i am very happy with it .

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